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The Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory at The Ohio State University is conducting a 6-month (minimal involvement) intervention study to potentially improve thinking in those with multiple sclerosis. Everyday behaviors such as exercise, water-intake, sleep, nutrition and social support play a role in cognitive functioning. For this study, participants will be asked to track their water-intake or physical activity. As part of this study, you will undergo five assessment sessions, each lasting between 2.5 to 3.5 hours. You will also participate in a 6-month behavior -monitoring period requiring minimal time commitment (no more than five minutes/day). Monetary compensation and free parking will be provided for all assessment sessions. Participants will also receive an activity tracker like a Fitbit OR a water-intake tracker. Here are the details on the study components:


  1. The first assessment session will examine your thinking abilities using computerized and paper and pencil tasks. We will also ask that you fill out some questionnaires regarding your emotional and physical health on the computer. This session will be repeated midway through the 6-month monitoring period and after the completion of the monitoring period. This session is tailored to your schedule, including nights and weekends, and will last approximately 3.5 hours. You will be compensated $10 / hour for your time.

  2. The second assessment session will involve an MRI scan and a blood draw. Participants who do not meet eligibility requirements for the MRI environment will not participate in the MRI scan portion of the study. During the scan, you will complete some active tasks and some passive resting scans. This session will be repeated after the completion of the monitoring period. The entire MRI portion of the session will last approximately 2 hours. You will also be asked to provide a blood sample during the session. The whole session will last approximately 3 hours. There will also be a short break following the first portion of the session. Again, this visit can be tailored to your schedule and you will be compensated $15 / hour.

  3. Between the first and second assessment sessions, you will be asked to wear an activity-monitoring device for 7 days. You will also be given a water bottle that tracks your water intake to use during the 7 days. We will ask that you go about your daily routine as usual and make a few notes about your behavior during those days, requiring a minimal time commitment of 5 minutes / day. 

  4. After assessment has been completed, you will be randomized to one of two study groups (similar to flipping a coin) and provided with behavior monitoring equipment through the mail.


So if you are interested, please check the eligibility criteria to see if you qualify for this study:

  • Between the ages of 30-59

  • Clinically definite diagnosis of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS)

  • Absence of any other neurological or psychiatric diagnoses besides RRMS

  • Absence of relapse or high-dose corticosteroid use at least 30 days prior to your first assessment.

To download a PowerPoint of detailed study information, click here!

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