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Research Assistants


Healthy Agers Study Coordinator/

Lab Coordinator


B.A. Psychology, B.A. French, The Ohio State University

Research Interests:

Rosie’s research interests include topics from both positive and clinical psychology. She is particularly interested in the concept of resilience, as defined from both neuroscientific and psychological perspectives, and its role in helping individuals with clinical conditions like depression to overcome adversity.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:

As an adopted Asian-American and first-generation college graduate, Rosie is a profound believer in the importance of diversity and inclusion in enhancing any field, particularly those of research and academia. She is committed to keeping an open mind and welcoming perspective toward all individuals and ideas.

Hobbies/ Fun Facts:

Professionally, Rosie is also a competitive figure skating coach. She enjoys travelling, having visited nine different countries, and has lived and studied in Paris, France.


Lab Coordinator


B.A. Psychology, B.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice, The Ohio State University

Research Interests:

Christine is particularly interested in abnormal psychology and externalizing disorders that make people engage in undesirable, or criminal behaviors. In the lab, Christine is interested in seeing how emotion dysregulation can be an underlying factor in abnormal disorders like anxiety and depression.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:

As a biracial African American and Asian woman, Christine values diversity and inclusion in all settings, but especially in professional and academic settings. Christine believes everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and that an integral part of achieving this lies within equal representation. Overall, Christine is committed to encouraging a diverse environment by keeping an open, and welcoming mind to all new perspectives and backgrounds.

Hobbies/ Fun Facts:

Christine loves spending time with her dogs Levi and Leo, and exploring new parks in Columbus. A fun fact about Christine is that she was a cake decorator for three years.


Spring 2023

  • Courtney Blau

  • Sanchari Chakrabarti

  • William Emrick

  • Nathan McPherson


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