Research Assistants


Study Coordinator

BS Psychology, Ohio State University

Research Interests

     I am interested in examining the bidirectional relationship between physical and mental health, particularly in chronic health conditions. I believe strongly in the power of diagnostic, preventative, and intervention work to improve quality of life

within these populations. I am specifically interested in using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to serve this goal.


Clinical Interests

     I spend time thinking about empirically supported treatments, and ways in which we can improve their efficacy and accessibility. I am particularly interested in mindfulness meditation, the biopsychosocial model, and their applications

within depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorders.


Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

     Our university has and should continue to create policies to support our colleagues who identify as under-represented minorities(URMs). Firstly, departments should set bold hiring and admissions targets, and developing effective retention policies aimed at these groups. There is also a greater need for diversity and inclusion (DEI) training and workshops, which should be integrated into well-attended events. Further, those who spend time organizing such DEI initiatives should be compensated for their work. Additionally, we should be looking to maximize URM leadership, networking, and collaboration. Within the academic sphere, instructors should critically assess whether their curriculums can reflect a greater diversity of perspectives. Lastly, department faculty, staff, and students should facilitate a welcome atmosphere in which important conversations can remain a focal point.



The Ohio State University Translational Data Analytics Institute; Data Science for Women Summer Camp: July 15 2019; Big Data for Good


Research Assistant

BS Psychology, Ohio Northern University

Research Interests

     Although incredibly broad, my research interests focus on the neurological diversity that exists within the geriatric population.  I am specifically interested in acquiring a better understand of the biological mechanisms that define and impact neurodegenerative diseases.  I hope to continue to grow within research, and expand upon these general interests.


Clinical Interests 

     I aspire to be a clinician, and am incredibly driven to work within a hospice setting.  I am also interested in working in palliative care, or hospital setting with a focus on providing end of life care. 


Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

     Coming from a personal background and undergraduate University with an incredible commitment to diversity and inclusion, I am immensely driven to continue this commitment within every aspect of my life.  I hope to personify the ideals that are associated with the inclusion of every individual, and look forward to the continual growth of the commitment to diversity and inclusion.    


     I used to be a competitive baton twirler!



Lininger, S., Heilman, D., Nahirniak, C., Huffman, C., Shuster, C., Voll, K., Kremyar, A., Powers, K., and Ann C. Johnson, PhD. “Working Hard to Remember: Academic Habits and Working Memory.”  Ohio Northern University Student Research Colloquium.  2017 April.  31st APS Annual Convention, Washington D.C.  2019.

Wohlgamuth, T., Reuss, K., Rabold, T., Torbet, P., Huffman, C., Wagner, K.,  Smith, I., Hurd, K., Lieb, J., & Ann C. Johnson, Ph.D. “Talking it Out: Investigating the Relationship between Verbal Ability and Externalizing Behaviors Among College Students.” MPA Conference. 2019.

Huffman, C., Kuhn, K., and Castle, A. Advisor: Tristin Kilgallon, Juris PhD. “The Public Perception of the Ex-Felon.” Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Education. 2017 April.



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